Auto Lamp Restart

Auto Lamp Restart can be incorporated into lighting ballasts that also have one or more of the following protective / safety features:

  • Open Lamp Shutdown
  • End of Lamp Life Shutdown
  • Poor Electrical Connection Shutdown

When one of the fault conditions (above) causes a shutdown, Amtek lighting ballasts equipped with Auto Lamp Restart will be able to “sense” when a new lamp is inserted into the holder or socket and automatically restart the lamp, eliminating the need to turn Off or cycle the input power to the lighting ballast.

This feature is commonly incorporated into fluorescent lighting ballasts and DC inverter ballasts used in rail transportation applications. The Auto Lamp Restart feature helps to facilitate lamp replacement for maintenance personnel.

For Safety Reasons this feature is NOT RECOMENDED for use in applications with UV lamps due to the risk of accidental exposure of maintenance personnel to UV radiation from the lamps.