Amtek Incorporated is a leading manufacturer of high-reliability, high-performance, high-efficiency solid-state fluorescent ballasts and ultraviolet (UV) lamp ballasts.

Amtek specializes in the design and manufacture of application-specific AC electronic lighting ballasts and DC inverter lighting ballasts. Made in the USA: All Amtek products are designed and manufactured in the USA.
Amtek has been very successful in developing lighting ballasts for use in many applications including:
Products Include:

Amtek lighting ballasts are service proven in some of the most demanding operating environments imaginable. Our patented technologies are currently demonstrating reliability in excess of 3 million hours mean time between failures (MTBF). Amtek has built its reputation on being responsive to customer’s needs, and providing them with a solid base of proven technology, expertise in design of fluorescent ballasts and UV ballasts, and dedicated factory support. Amtek has developed an extensive offering of standard and optional lighting ballast features that allow Amtek’s lighting ballasts to be easily incorporated into just about any system and in many instances allow the customer to simplify the design of their system. Regardless of whether you’re designing a new system, looking for a better lighting ballast for an existing system, having lighting ballast problems or lighting problems, Contact Amtek and discuss possible solutions with one of our experts, you’ll be glad you did.