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UV Disinfection Germicidal

The Amtek Advantage in UV Disinfection Applications

Experience: Amtek lighting ballast products are “service-proven” in a wide range of UV disinfection, germicidal, and sterilization applications. Amtek products are specifically designed to operate in the harsh electrical and environmental conditions that exist within these types of UV sterilizer applications.


Amtek UV ballasts are exceptionally reliable. Amtek’s patented technologies have demonstrated reliability in excess of 3 million hours MTBF.

And Value:

Amtek UV ballasts deliver optimum system efficacy providing maximum UV output with minimum power consumption, maximizing lamp life over a wide range of operating temperatures and environments. This results in monetary savings with regard to lamp replacement as well as energy consumption.

Amtek does not use potting compound therefore all UV ballasts can be repaired or remanufactured.

Amtek UV disinfection ballasts are Made in the USA.

Features Amtek offers a wide range of lighting ballast features to meet the requirements of your UV ballast application. Due to the importance of maintaining adequate UV levels for disinfection or sterilization many UV applications require some type of  lamp status feedback  to generate an alarm should a lamp fail. LEDs located on the UV ballast or remotely on a display panel are commonly used in basic applications. A PLC interface and remote UV ballast control can be incorporated into the ballast to facilitate integration into fully automated systems.


Amtek is dedicated to providing superior customer service. Flexibility with regard to production and customer service requirements allows Amtek to meet the diverse needs of individual customers for specific system requirements.

Amtek’s knowledgeable engineering staff is available to review specifications, discuss application details and requirements and perform on-site field visits as needed to insure that the correct Amtek lighting ballast is chosen for each application. Amtek also provides the same level of technical support after the sale to provide information, documentation, and testing to address any issues that may arise.


Amtek’s UV ballast safety features are designed to protect maintenance personnel from exposure to dangerously high or lethal voltages. Key safety features include electrical isolation from the AC line, open-lamp shutdown, poor electrical connection shutdown, anti-arcing shutdown, and over-temperature shutdown.


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