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Lamp Status Indicators / Feedback

The following Amtek features can be incorporated into your lighting ballast design:


LED indicators provide a convenient visual representation of lighting ballast status or lamp condition. This is especially beneficial when monitoring a large group of lighting ballasts.  This feature can be incorporated into Amtek lighting ballasts in a variety of configurations including LEDs integral to the ballast, as well as output leads which can drive remotely-located LEDs. 

The LED indicators typically have one of the following functions:

a) Lamp Status: The LED is ON when the lamps are ionized; the LED is OFF when the lamps are extinguished (due to either protective shutdown or removal of input power).  This feature is commonly used in applications where the lamps are physically located somewhere out of sight.

b) Lighting ballast Status: The LED is OFF during normal operation; the LED is ON when the lighting ballast is in a protective shutdown mode due to lamp failure, over-voltage, over-temperature, etc.

c) Input Power Status: The LED is ON when the input voltage is within the specified operating range; the LED is OFF when the input voltage is lower than the specified operating range (or the input voltage is removed).

Multiple LEDs (or sets of output leads) may be combined on the same ballast to indicate any desired combination of conditions.

ON/OFF Control:

Amtek lighting ballasts with On/Off Control allow the lamps to be turned On and Off via a low-power, isolated interface.  This feature provides a cost-effective way to use PLC’s or similar control circuits to turn lamps On and Off, eliminating the need for expensive line contactors or solid-state relays.

PLC Lamp Status Interface:

Amtek lighting ballasts with this feature are designed to interface with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or similar digital logic circuit. This feature allows automated monitoring of lamp conditions. The interface output leads are electrically isolated from the AC Line to protect the PLC input. A wide variety of voltage and current combinations are available in both current source and current sink configurations for compatibility with virtually any PLC system.


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