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Heat Sinks / Thermal Management

Custom Heat Sinks

“Keep it COOL” is the mantra of reliability for electronic AC and DC inverter ballasts.

It is a well documented fact that HEAT KILLS Electronic Products.

Thermal Management is crucial to the success of every ballast application. This is especially true of applications like vertical channel UV Disinfection Systems, where it is necessary to locate a number of high wattage ballasts in a relatively small footprint or enclosed area.

Thermal Management refers to an organized method for the removal of heat from a system. This is especially important for electronic products like lighting ballasts because for every 10ºC increase in case temperature of the ballast the reliability of the ballast is reduced by 50%. Conversely, reducing the case temperature of the ballast by 10ºC doubles the reliability of the ballast, a 20ºC decrease will result in a 4X increase in reliability. More about reliability

Amtek can design and manufacture aluminum custom heat sinks which will provide the necessary physical and thermal interface between the Amtek lighting ballasts and your enclosure or operating environment.

Amtek’s custom Heat Sinks can provide the following advantages:

  • Increase system reliability by minimizing the temperature of lighting ballasts and other electronics.
  • Simplify installation of lighting ballasts.
  • Reduce air flow and fan / blower requirements.
  • Eliminates “hot spots” common in air flow only configurations.
  • Allows for “heat exchanger” style configurations so that contaminants and pollutants in the ambient air do not degrade the ballasts and other electronics.
  • Manufactured to exacting tolerances for optimum performance.
  • Creative design concepts for ease of implementation and maximum performance.


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Heat Sinks / Thermal Management